My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 44 Tolerance Level

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 44
20. What is your tolerance level towards someone you love or value whose opinions, values and/or personality differ from yours?

This question would probably differ depending on who you ask.  If you ask me, I am extremely tolerant and accepting of everyone and their differing opinions, values and personalities.  For the most part, that is a true statement.  However, should you ask someone like my husband, I’m sure he would beg to differ on my level of tolerance towards differences in opinions and values.  Him and I always have differences of opinions and I have no problem letting him know that his opinions are usually wrong.  🙂

I am not usually one to rock the boat.  In a social setting or a work environment, I very rarely (if ever) voice my differences of opinion or express a conflict of values during random conversation or situations.  I guess I just don’t feel that there is anything I find important enough to need to be vocal about.  I am not big into confrontation, so even with those that may be speaking about something that I truly disagree with, I tend to just let it go.  Issues like politics and religion are two that top my list of having a high tolerance for.  I let others speak their mind and for the most part, others opinions rarely effect me enough to feel the need to defend my own opinion.  I just smile and let others continue talking.

The one area where my tolerance level is probably low would be when there is clear differences in work values.  I have a very hard time watching others who do not hold themselves at the same to the same work values as I have.  I have an expectation that others will be as reliable, ethical and sensible as I am when it comes to work.  When they are not, my tolerances level falls.  With that being said, even when my tolerance drops, I still usually do not confront or say anything.  I am one that just holds everything inside until that one day when it all explodes and comes oozing out.  Not the best way to handle things, but I clearly don’t know any better because I do not make an effort to change.

Now, when it comes to my husband, all of the above goes out the window.  I have little tolerance and make sure he is fully aware of this whenever needed.  It could just be that I have a comfort level with him that I do not have with most, so I feel free to express to him when I do not agree.  With others, I am never really sure how they will react, so I just don’t say anything.  With him, I am comfortable enough to know his reaction that I feel free to express myself and any differences of opinions I may have.  He does the same with me and I am glad.  I don’t believe it would be a very healthy relationship if we didn’t express ourselves.  As for tolerance, I think that is less simply because when you are with someone for such a high percentage of your time, you clearly are going to have less tolerance then you would with people you either don’t see often or don’t spend much time with.

So, my tolerance levels are hit-or-miss.  It depends on who you are and how comfortable I am with you/  Those are the factors that will determine the full extent of how tolerant I will be with your opinions and values.

Love is in the Air

20180428_200534I love weddings. Maybe that is why I’ve had so many of my own.  🙂  All joking aside, weddings are great.  The love, the starting of new lives joining together, the dancing and of course cake! We were fortunate enough to get to be guests at two fabulous weddings  recently.  Both very sweet and beautiful.

I have always been a sucker for love and romance.  I was once told by someone that romance is not real and it is only something made up by books and the movie industry.  This individual said that romance is not part of real life and that fairytales and happily- every-after are what give people the wrong idea about what real life is all about.  I have to disagree with that.  I think that for some, it does take time to find that one person that is our true life partner, but once we find them, it can be life changing.  I for one have been through my share of relationships that did not work.  Luckily I did not give up on love and ended up finding that one person that I cannot imagine living my life without. As for romance, I do believe in romance.  For me, romance is not necessarily expensive grand gestures.  For me romance is something as small as knowing that he is thinking about me when I’m not with him and does something like stop on his way home from work to get food so I don’t have to cook dinner, or run that one little errand so that I don’t have to worry about doing it.  To me that is romance. I believe that romance is all relative.  For some people, maybe they do need expensive gifts.  For others like me, it is more having someone take the time to take care of me in some way.  I tend to be the “caregiver” in the relationship and try and take on the majority of the responsibilities.  So those times when someone else takes control and I can try and quiet my mind for a short time are truly amazing.  That is love and that is what keeps me connected.  That is what I consider romantic.

Although weddings come in all sizes, they all have the same intent.  To join lives with that one person you want to give your heart to.  That one person you hope to grow old with.  It’s really not about the fancy dresses or the expenses catering.  It’s about wanting to share with others how much we really love another person.

No matter how many beautiful weddings we attend over the years, my favorite wedding of all time will always be the day I married this man…..

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Our Santa Rosa, CA weekend


This past weekend, we had a fun little getaway to Santa Rosa, CA.  We received a lot of questions and strange looks when we told people we were going away for the weekend and that our destination was Santa Rosa.  People did not really understand why we would plan a weekend getaway just an hour from home and also were very curious about what we planned on doing in Santa Rosa of all places.  My thoughts are that ANY PLACE can become an adventure if you have the right mind set.  For me, just getting away from the house and having time away from work and errands and responsibility is an adventure in itself.  We were only gone from the house for 30 hours, and yet, we came back feeling refreshed and decompressed.  It is not always important to go far away, but rather, just learning to enjoy the time away- wherever that may be- that is important.  For us, the weekend was fabulous and we were even able to have some new experiences along the way.

We started off the weekend checking into the Flamingo Resort and Spa.  We had watched one of those travel shows about a year ago where they showcased this historic hotel.  We thought it sounded interesting, and then I just happen to be checking Groupon one day and there it was!  So I quickly reserved a room.  The hotel is older, but nice.  The rooms were big and unique.  I have to say that I’ve never stayed in a hotel room with a front and back door, so that was interesting.  The hotel had a great looking spa with lots of massage and facial options (which we did not get to enjoy.. THIS trip).  Also a very large pool and a nice hot tub.  I personally love anyplace that has history, so I had a great time walking around the lobby where they had lots of photos of the hotel in the 60’s with Hollywood guests like Jayne Mansfield who used to frequent the hotel.

After checking in and getting settled, we ventured over to the Charles Schulz museum to get some history on the Peanuts Gang (admission was included in our Groupon deal).  We learned some fun facts about the creation of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the bunch.  For instance, did you know that most of the phrases used in the Peanuts comics were actually things that Charles Schulz would say in everyday life.  It’s funny to imagine him saying  “oh, good grief” when he was frustrated, but apparently he actually did.  The best part for me however was the  actives room.  Granted, most of the things they had in there were for kids, but I didn’t mind.  I took a crack at drawing Woodstock (that did not turn out very well) and then made my origami Snoopy doghouse.  Which turned out great if I don’t say so myself.  Next door to the museum was the Snoopy ice skating rink for those into ice skating.  We passed on that.

The rest of the day and evening were spent exploring the area and of course eating (our favorite thing to do).  We did not make it over to historic downtown Sonoma, which I really wanted to do.  That will be on the list for our next visit.
So, that brings us to Sunday morning and the FABULOUS brunch at the Flamingo Hotel restaurant.  The price was super reasonable for a Sunday brunch and the food was fantastic.  We are already making plans to go back again.  I would say my favorite items were the made-to-order waffles, eggs benedict and the prime rib (so tender you could just cut it with your fork).  That being said, nothing compared to the biscuits and gravy.  One of my all-time favorite breakfast items.  The dessert table- although limited- was more than enough for us to get a few treats after our meal.  We ended up spending 90 minutes there sitting and enjoying the ambience and the mimosa’s.

Brunch was a great ending to a perfect one-night getaway.  Whenever we go on these little adventures, we spend so much time talking and laughing that it makes me wonder why we don’t plan more of these types of trips.  I guess sometimes the reality of life gets in the way of the more important things like making memories such as this.  I think it’s time to change that and spend some time reprioritizing what is a more valuable use of our time.  When I am older, I want to have way more “that was a great memory” and way less “I wish I would have” moments.


The Importance of the Weekend Getaway

IMG_4992Let’s face it…. life is hectic.  Between work, errands, time with family and friends, cooking, cleaning and the myriad of other things that require time in our lives, often times we put ourselves and our relationships  on the back burner.  I am a firm believer in the weekend getaway.  Just a place to escape for 24-36 hours where we can decompress and reconnect with the one we love (or simply zone out and forget about all we have on our to-do list back at home).

I find the best weekend getaways are the ones that are only an hour or two away from home.  Close enough that you are not in the car for hours and hours, but far enough away that you feel like you have escaped your day-to-day life.

I’ve found some of our best overnight getaways through Groupon.  This weekend our getaway is at the Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa in Santa Rosa, CA.  The resort is a Santa Rosa landmark.  Opened in 1957, it was once a hotspot for many in Hollywood as “the place to stay in the bay”.  It still holds much of its glamour and has a feeling of the old 1950’s summer resorts of the day.

From wine tasting during the day in nearby Sonoma, to dancing in the lounge in the evening, the Flamingo seems like it will provide just the right amount of entertainment and relaxation that we need.  From what we have been told, there is an  amazing Champagne Sunday brunch (one of the main reasons we wanted to stay at this location).

Wherever we end up, I love that life is always an adventure with this wonderful man beside me.  Our getaways are always full of lots of talking, acting silly, eating good food, but most important TONS of laughter.