Paris Memories Part 2: Disney

I would imagine when most plan their very first international trip to Europe, their first thoughts don't necessarily think of Disney.  Cathedrals, museums, and monuments maybe, but Disney?  I guess it takes a true love of all things Disney to be that person that gets excited when they first learn they are going to Paris simply … Continue reading Paris Memories Part 2: Disney

Back from Paris and on with Life

Four months later, here I am... finally getting back to my blog! So much has been happening the last several months since I went M.I.A.  I successful survived my first international travel and spent an entire month away from home in Paris (both working and playing).  I've done some other traveling as well since returning home.... … Continue reading Back from Paris and on with Life

The Importance of the Weekend Getaway

Let's face it.... life is hectic.  Between work, errands, time with family and friends, cooking, cleaning and the myriad of other things that require time in our lives, often times we put ourselves and our relationships  on the back burner.  I am a firm believer in the weekend getaway.  Just a place to escape for 24-36 hours where … Continue reading The Importance of the Weekend Getaway