My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 98 Cleanliness

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 98
315. How long can you go without a bath or brushing your teeth?  What are your ideas about cleanliness?

I have a double part answer to this questions.  I have different levels when it comes to my ideas of cleanliness for personal hygiene and household cleanliness (clutter).

When it comes to personal hygiene, I’m sort of a tickler on showering and brushing my teeth.  At a minimum, I need to brush my teeth twice a day.  Sometimes three if I sneak in a brushing at work.  I cannot go to sleep at night without brushing my teeth.  I just do not like the way it feels.  Also, unfortunately, I inherited the genes for really bad teeth, so it is important that I try an do all I can to keep up with healthy teeth and gums so I do not end up losing them at an early age.

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As for showering.. I’m an every day kind of gal.  Although, there are certain occasions when I may skip a day (those lazy Sunday’s I was talking about on one of my previous blogs would be an example).  I actually am one of those people that just hates to “get ready”.  Meaning that I know when I shower that I am then going to have to go through the whole process of “prepping” myself after I’m done.  Moisturizing, makeup, blow drying my hair.  I have super crazy hair.  It’s naturally curly, which I know many people say they wished they had, but mine is not that beautiful curl.  I have this ringlet, frizzy, brittle looking curl that if not tamed by the blow drawer, looks hideous.  When we are camping or there is some other reason I cannot blow dry my hair (for instance, this surgery has required that I not hold anything heaver then a bottle of water, so I am not able to blow dry my hair), I have to pull it back into a tight ponytail.  And even then there are crazy hairs that stick out all over the place.  It’s just not a pretty site.
Even with all of this, I still feel the need to shower everyday.  I just don’t feel comfortable if I don’t feel clean.

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As for household cleanliness, this is where I am a lot more lenient.  Although I do not particularly care of clutter and I do not like when things are actually “dirty”, I am much more tolerable when it comes to clutter cleanliness then I am personal hygiene cleanliness.  If paperwork piles up for a week on the table, it doesn’t freak me out.  My husband however is exact opposite.  I don’t think he goes one day without complaining about all of the “stuff” we have in our house.  And we live in a tiny little 750 square foot house, so as you can imagine, there is not exactly a lot of room for “stuff”, so I’m not always sure what he is referring to.  He would prefer that we live in a space that looks like a hotel room.  Hardly anything around and very plain looking.  I, myself, have come to the realization that if my house is a little dusty or if I have some boxes stacked in the corner of my spare room, it’s not the end of the world.  I will admit that there are times things get out of hand in our place due to my little shopping addiction.  That’s when it starts to stress me out.  I don’t like “overwhelming” clutter.

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