My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 97 My Biggest Vice

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 97
270. What is your biggest vice?

The definition of a vice is, “a practice, behaviour, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading in the associated society”.

By this definition, I would have to say that I don’t really have any “real” vices.  I do have some bad habits, but nothing by definition that would be considered sinful, rude or immoral. If I had to pick a “vice” that I would consider to be my biggest, it would definitely be my emotional shopping.

I would consider this a vice because there have been times when I have actually tried to hide my shopping. The majority my shopping is done online, so the only way I can hide it is to get home first before Don so that I can get the packages inside and in the spare room before he gets home. Now….This doesn’t happen often, the whole “hidding” thing, but it has happened in the past. So this definitely makes it a vice for me.  When anything you do becomes something you feel the need to hide, I guess  it probably qualifies as a n actually vice.

This is something I actually thought about prior to my surgery last week. I thought, “Hmmm…. What if I want to buy something and it would be delivered during my recovery…” .  Since I’m not allowed to lift anything for 2-3 weeks, I wouldn’t be able to get any packages  in the house before he got home. So no shopping for  me  for a while!!  😂

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