My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 96 My Perfect Day

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 96
263.  What is your idea of a perfect day?


Beings I am currently experiencing a pretty aggressive bout of insomnia, I would have to say that the start of my idea of a perfect day would be waking up from a good night’s sleep. I don’t even need a full 8 hours. I would settle for a consistent/uninterrupted 5-6 hours. To make it a perfect day, I would also need to be able to wake up in my without assistance from an alarm clock. ⏰

Although we love to go out and do things, some of my favorite days have been those lazy days when we wake up and have coffee in bed while watching a n early morning Sunday movie. Most recently we have become hooked on watching a show called “Creature Features”. These are old B type monster/horror/SiFi movies. Most are pretty terrible, but we enjoy watching and making fun of them.

After the movie, as long as we didn’t have to run errands, I would say that pretty much anything Don and I do together would be a perfect day. For Don, he would probably say a perfect day would be then going on a long bike ride. For me, maybe a trip to the casino for a little penny slot machine play, or even just sitting around the house relaxing would be wonderful. I’m pretty much a home body so anytime I get to stay home is perfect for me.

To top off my perfect day, any take out food for dinner would be fabulous. No cooking or cleaning. Then off to bed!

This to me would be a perfect day.


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