My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 93 My favorite story about me

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 93
364. What’s a favorite story you have about yourself?

One of my favorite stories about myself would be the time when I was a toddler and apparently already had some pent up anger issues.

I would say I was somewhere between 1-2 years of age and was apparently playing with my brother and cousin. My mom thought it was time for me to take a nap and put me in my crib.  I clearly was not happy to not be able to play anymore and so I threw a fit.  I screamed and cried for a long time.  According to my mom, I finally got quite.  She thought I had finally worn myself out from all the crying and went to sleep.

Clearly that was not the case because instead of sleeping I was actually in my crib taking my anger out on my poor doll. I had one of those dolls from the 70’s with the hard plastic face and the soft stuffed body.  Apparently I was so angry I stomped on the face of the doll so hard that I cracked the face. I then proceeded to pull off the plastic face and pulled out ALL of the stuffing from the doll.

A while later when my mom came to check on me she found me FINALLY asleep but she also found my doll stuffing thrown about the room.

This became one of those amusing family stories that was repeated for years.  Fortunately I outgrew those anger issues and now  just hold all my anger inside. ☺

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