My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 87 Seasons

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 87
282. When do you know when each season is “here”?

In northern California, we do not really have changing of the seasons.  The only way I really know when we’ve reached a new season is when it says so on the calendar.  Of course we have our rainy season and “cold” season (California cold), we don’t have those beautiful changing of seasons like they do back east.  I would love to visit someplace during the fall season when I can see the leaves of the trees changing into those beautiful colors.

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Even though we don’t get a real changing of the season here, I still have my favorites.  Spring and Fall are the seasons I look forward to the most.  My favorite weather is blue skies with a nip in the air.  We get that here both in spring and fall.

I guess the way I know when certain seasons are here would be by the events and holidays that surround each season.  I really feel “winter” when the Christmas holidays hit.  We don’t get snow and I would say that we have more sunny Christmas days then rainy ones, but just knowing that it’s Christmas makes it feel like winter.
It feels like spring when the winter rain starts to ease up a little and Easter comes around.  It’s not always clear and sunny on Easter.  Several times we had to do our Easter egg hunts inside the house, but for the most part, the weather is starting to clear up and we are getting my favorite blue skies with a little chill in the air.
Summer in the our area of California is very mild.  We live just miles from the bay, so we almost always have that nice bay breeze, even on the “hotter” days.  During the summer months we may hit the 90’s just a handful of times.  For the most part, we are on average in the mid to upper 70’s.  I would say I know it’s summer when we have to open windows to get some cool air in the house.  Since we live in a place that does not often get super hot, most homes do not have air conditioning.  I guess you could say the breeze from the bay is our air conditioning.  The only days we struggle are the days when the breeze completely stops.
Fall is a little harder to distinguish.  It often feels like we don’t really have a fall.  It’s almost like we go straight from summer to winter.  I guess the way I know it’s fall is when I start seeing all of the pumpkin items start to come out.  You know… pumpkin EVERYTHING!  From food to decorations.

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Currently we are having an excessively LONG rainy season here in the bay area.  It feels like it’s been raining for months and months.  I am so looking forward to when I can pull up the 10 day weather forecast and not see any rain!!  I have a feeling that because my surgery is set for this Monday and I will be pretty much house/bed ridden for 4-6 weeks, I’m sure the weather will now transform into beautiful blue skies.  Isn’t that the way it always works?  Maybe I’ll have to have Don move a chair out on the small little porch we have and I can hobble my way outside and just sit outside and get some fresh air… that’s if the weather changes of course.  Right now, the forecast for surgery day is rain!  Surprise Surprise.  🙁

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