My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 81 Having courage to speak your mind

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 81
308. If you had the courage to speak your mind you would say…..

I remember a time when I would want desperately to speak out when I had an opinion or idea but I was just to terrified, so I would sit in silence and keep my thoughts to myself.  I would say I have improved a great deal from those days.  I still normally keep my opinions to myself, whether it be at work or when talking to friends/family, but there are certain topics that I now feel strongly enough to break out of my comfort zone and speak up about.

I often get told at work that I don’t speak up or provide feedback enough.  Little do they know that my 25 year old self would be flabbergasted at the person I am now and the amount of speaking I do.  So, although to some I may not seem outgoing enough, little do they know the amount of progress I’ve made.  When I am confronted with the need to be more vocal, I usually reply that I may not be that person that speaks out about everything, but when I do speak, it’s going to mean something and be important.  If I feel it’s worth speaking up about, it’s probably worth someone listening.

If I had the courage to speak my mind, I would probably  speak up more about my overall worth as a person.  I often feel that I am taking for granted. I don’t usually speak up about it because I think that I partially bring it on myself.  By being that person that always needs to be in control and do things myself (because I feel like if I want something done right, I need to take care of it personally), it’s kind of hard to then turn around and say that I feel like I am being taking advantage of or taken for granted.  But we are talking about what I would say if I had the courage, so I guess this would be a good starting point for me.  I think that at work there is an expectation that I will always work above and beyond, even if it requires giving up my weekends and working 12+ hour days.  People take for granted that due to my work ethics I will get unrealistic demands taken care of.  Again, I am partially to blame for this because I am often the “yes” gal.  On a personal level, people often take for granted that I will always be the one to keep in touch and make the effort in most relationships.  Often times if I don’t make the initial contact, it could be months and months before certain people would reach out to me.  I don’t say anything (lake of courage?) because often times I feel it’s just not worth the confrontation.

“Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end
of the day saying… I will try again tomorrow”
-Mary Anne Radmacher

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