My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 71 Appreciating yourself

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 71
19. How do you appreciate yourself?

This is a touchy topic for me because it forces me to admit that I do not often appreciate myself as much as I should.  I tend to put the majority of my focus on other peoples wants and needs and lack the ability to take the time to do positive things to remind myself that I am important too.  Whether it be with work, friends or family, I very rarely put my own needs in front of others.  I agree that I deserve more appreciation, even if not from others, at least from myself to myself.
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Appreciation is all about “recognizing the full worth of oneself”.  If you can recognize your worth, you can allow yourself (without guilt) the ability to invest the time to become a happier and healthier person.  I do that to an small extent, however, the majority of my focus is usually on what I can do to make others happy, so I have a good deal of work to do before I can claim that I truly appreciate myself.

Although I may not invest a lot of time appreciating myself, I do think that others appreciate me and what I provide to their lives.  I know my husband appreciates all that I do for him and on occasion, I think that I am appreciated at work as well.  Being appreciated by others goes hand-in-hand with appreciating yourself.  If you know that others appreciate you, you know that you are on the right path.

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