My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 68 Childhood Christmas

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 68
409. What were your Christmases like as a child?


My childhood Christmases were magical.  As a child, there was nothing about this time of year that I didn’t enjoy.  Time off of school, a house that smelled like Christmas cookies and fudge, and Christmas decorations galore.

There are certain memories that will always stay with me from my childhood Christmases.  For one, my mother would always bake throughout the whole month of December.  There are still things to this day that people request from her every holiday season.  She makes the best oatmeal raisin cookies (although a few of my cousins request them with chocolate chips instead of raisins) and her fudge is a family favorite.  She still delivers a container of fudge to many family members each year and even ships some to those that no longer live close.  The smell of all the baking of these yummy, sugary snacks is something that I will have in my memories forever.  I try and duplicate it when I do my own holiday baking, but it’s just never the same.  There is just something about my childhood home and the smell of cookies in the oven and fudge being made on the stovetop that brings me back to those long ago days.
Christmas1552183466796While my mom was busy baking, my dad would always keep himself busy with decorating the house.  Both interior and exterior.  My parents have always loved Christmas and when they were married (50 years ago), for their first Christmas, my dad bought my mom a Christmas music box/snow globe.  It became a tradition and he ended up buying her one every year after.  It got to the point that my dad had to build a special shelf that would sit on the mantel above the fireplace to hold all of them.  When we were very young, my brother and I would always get so excited when we would ask to have them all wound up at the same time.  The living room would be full of numerous different music boxes playing random Christmas songs.
Although my parents now have an artificial tree (for convenience), we always had fresh tress when I was a child.  Going and picking out the tree is part of the tradition and memories that I still hold fondly in my heart.  There is just something so magical about the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.  There were a few years that we went to a tree farm and cut down our own tree.  That was always a fun experience.  I’ve tried to talk Don into doing that now for several years…… but I’m still waiting…..  🙁

I would not be telling the truth if I didn’t mention that presents were a HUGE part of my childhood memories of Christmas.  Although we didn’t always have a lot of money (we were not poor, but were definitely not well-off either), my parents never let us celebrate Christmas without a tree full of presents.  I wish I had some of the pictures of my the Christmases where I would be sitting in a pile full of toys after opening gifts for hours.  I was always one of those kids that was super easy to please when it came to gifts.  I would be just as happy with a wrapped up package of scratch and sniff stickers as I was with the most popular toy of the season.



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