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365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 66
134. A time you want to experience again

Unlike the topic last night, todays topic is a no brainer.  As soon as I read it, I knew exactly what it was that I would want to experience again if given the chance.

Every year when December hits, I have the same thought….  “I wish I could feel about Christmas the same way I did when I was a child”.  If I had just one experience to do again, it would be to relive Christmas through my childhood eyes (and heart).

I can’t really remember the exact moment when Christmas went from magical to stressful, but it makes me sad every year when I am running around trying to get presents and worrying about spending money and not enjoying the holidays like I used to.  Don and I spend the majority of our holiday seasons every year in the car running from one family function to another and let me tell you, there is nothing magical about that.

When I was a little girl, I was one of those that would be so excited I could barely sleep the night before Christmas.  When I finally did fall asleep I would still end up waking up before the sun and would try and get my parents to get up as well.  I was always told to go back to bed until the sun came up.  I would end up laying there for hours in such anticipation.  Finally when the sun would start to rise, I would wake up everyone in the house and rush to my stocking to see what Santa left behind for me.  I think I loved my stocking almost as much as the wrapped gifts.  The day was always filled with presents and visiting family. It was all so simple then.
Child at Christmas

There was just something so innocent and exciting about the holiday season when I was young.  Everything from special craft projects in school to decorating the Christmas tree at home and then watching the presents start to accumulate under the tree.  It was a time when I didn’t have worries (which was rare, even for me as a child).  I really believed in all of the magic of Christmas and each year I just wish I could feel those same magical feelings again.
The Magic of Christmas



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