My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 62 Words

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 62
221. Words you hate; Words you love

I cannot really think of any “words” that I hate.  There are several phrases that people use a lot that I don’t particularly care for.  Things like “melts in your mouth”, “to die for” and “that was decadent” are a few that come to mind.  “Hate” is actually a word I don’t really like, so to say that I “hate” these words/phrases is a little strong.  They do annoy me though.  When someone says that something is “to die for”, it just makes me cringe.  Is there really anything that you eat or do that is actually so great that you would die for it?  Doubtful.  Then there is the famous “melts in your mouth”.  I have someone I work with that uses this phrase a lot and every time I hear it I have to hide my eyeroll.   Things like, “that steak was so good, it just melted in my mouth”.  Did it really? Except for a meringue cookies and cotton candy, I cannot think of anything that literally melts in your mouth when you eat it.

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There are also things that I say that really bother me as well.  One of the top phrases that I say much to often that I wish I could stop saying is “I don’t know”.  That is the #1 thing you should never say during a presentation when asked a question and yet I do it EVERYTIME!  I want to kick myself as soon as it leaves my mouth because I tell myself a hundred times before doing any public speaking to NOT say it, and yet, it pops out of my mouth every stinking time.

Words that I love… well, that is much easier.  There are lots of words I love.  Some words can make me happy or cheer me up just by hearing them.  Romance, love, present, surprise and fairytale all top my list.  The word that I love the most?  Disney of course! IMG_6007


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