My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 56 My favorite movies

T365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 56
194. What are your favorite movies and why?

When it comes to movies, I am 100% a romantic comedy type of gal.  I’ve always tried to be a believer in the “happily ever after” scenarios of life, so I think I am drawn to these types of movies because they provide me that hope that maybe… just maybe true romance really exists.  I know… doubtful, but a girl can always dream right?  🙂

So, I have numerous “favorite” movies, but I do have one that will always top the list.  “The Goodbye Girl”.  I have seen this movie so many times that when I watch it, I can recite the majority of the dialog along with the characters.  Why is this my favorite movie?  Well, besides the fact that the actors are incredible, the story line is just so perfect.  This is truly a happy-ever-after type of movie.  A women scorned who meets someone new, falls in love, runs into life’s challenges, but in the end, love conquers all.  The ending of this movie is incredibly romantic to me.  I have a thing for the “grand jester”.  Not that anyone has ever given me a grand jester (I love my husband, but sorry honey, there have been no grand jesters from you).  Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to them.. because I’ve been waiting for one my entire life and here I am… still waiting.
220px-Goodbye_Girl_movie_poster[1]Then there are of course the classic romantic comedies.  A few of my favorites are
“Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “When Harry Meet Sally”.

I can watch these two movies over and over again.  I have them recorded on my DVR and often times when I’m home alone I will put them on when I am busy doing things around the house.  They are those types of movies that I can repeated watch (or partially watch while I’m doing other things).
When Harry Met Sally falls under one of my favorite movies because I love that these two have a relationship for such an extended period of time and then end up in love and together in the end (the classic romance).  Bridget Jones is a favorite purely because it is so relatable.  Just a normal girl, looking for love and running into all the obstacles along the way.  And I’ll admit that part of the draw to this movie is Colin Firth (love the accent).

I’ve also loved all those older romantic comedy’s from the 50’s/60’s.  Rock Hudson and Doris Day are two of my favorites.  There I just something so peer and classic about these older movies.  I have a majority of the Doris Day movies on DVD.  I still pop them in and watch them when I am just tired of the crud that is on television today.   I’ve always felt like I should have been part of this generation.  Maybe that is why I love these movies so much.  I love the simplicity of this era.
The last of my favorite movies would be the classic 80’s movies.  “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty in Pink” as examples.  These movies just bring me back to my teenage years.  This was the start of my ideal romantic expectations.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want Jake Ryan to show up and dash you away in his red Porsche 944?  One of the best endings of a movie ever.

I guess it’s clear that I am drawn to romance, however, I don’t particularly care for intense romance movies (I’ve never seen “The Notebook” for instance).  I am much more a comedy type of gal, so add the romance with the comedy and I’m all in.

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