My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 47 The Best Gift I Was Ever Given

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 47
207. The best gift you were ever given….

I’ve received many wonderful gifts in my lifetime.  Nothing to elaborate…  for instance I’ve never received the gift of a new car parked in the driveway with a big bow on it.   However, I’ve found that it does not necessarily take something elaborate to be a gift that is the most memorable or meaningful.

One of the gifts that I would consider to be the best gift I was ever given would also have to fall into the category as the worst gift I ever received.  I’m sure that sounds a little confusing, so I’ll explain.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a dollhouse.  I’ve always wanted one of those intricate old Victorian style dollhouses.  This was not just a gift I wanted as a young girl, but one that I wanted as a teenager and even now as an adult.  I’ve always been fascinated with all of the miniature furniture and the idea of being able to decorate all of the individual rooms.  I think it is amazing that you can install working lights and tiled flooring and then decorate the room with so many incredible miniature items from furniture to paintings on the walls.  I could spend hours in a dollhouse store looking at all the different things you can buy to create the miniature version of your dream home.

On my 16th birthday, I received it!  The dollhouse I always wanted.  It was perfect.  It was however, unassembled.  Not a problem though, as I knew for sure my dad would get it built for me.  So.. there it sat… for weeks, then months.  After more months then I can remember, I finally gave up on my dad having the time to build it and had the bright idea I would try and put it together myself.  Now, anyone that knows anything about these types of dollhouses knows that it is a challenging task.  There are thousands of parts and pieces and it takes a lot of patients to follow the directions and get everything put together correctly.  Now looking back I understand why my poor dad never had time to start building it.  As one may imagine, at age 16- almost 17- I was not exactly patient nor skillful enough to build it.  I actually made it through the whole process of the base.  It was at the point when things started taking a turn for the worse.  I ended up gluing things into places where they were not supposed to be.  Then after trying to fix my mistakes and messing things up even more, the whole project ended up being pushed to the corner of my bedroom and just sat there for about a year… until it ended up in the attack and I’m assuming eventually over the years, probably ended up in the garbage.

So, although this was the favorite gift I ever received, it ended up being the worst because I never got to get to the point where I was able to do all the decorating (the part I really wanted to do).  It’s also sad to me that it ended up basically being trashed when I am sure that my parents spent a good deal of money for it.  These dollhouses are not cheap (even 30 years ago).

My fabulous husband was kind enough to recently take me to the biggest dollhouse store I had ever been in.  He was also nice enough to let me wander around the store for over an hour.  I picked out the dollhouse I wanted…not that we live in a place that is big enough to house a  hobby that takes up so much space.  It was fun daydreaming though.


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