My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 46 My job

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 46
210. What is your job now?

The job that I currently have is not one that is very exciting to write about.  However, since this is the topic today, I’ll go ahead and write about it anyway.  I currently work for a major oil company.  I work in the Automotive Engine Oils team doing Original Equipment Manufacturing Approvals.  I work with a lot of engineers and chemists who formulate engine oils.  Once the oil is formulated we then run a large amount of testing on the oil to meet the requirements set by the OEMs.  If the oil passes all the tests needed to qualify the oil in a certain specification, then it is my job to complete all of the paperwork and oil samples that are then sent to the OEMs to get an approval letter that shows that the oil meets all standards.  This is what is needed for our sales force to go out and sale the product to customers.   Exciting huh?

I’ve been working at this company for over 13 years now.  I will say that it is pretty interesting to learn what goes into making the oil that we put in our cars and heavy duty diesel trucks.  I am sure most do not give it much thought when they buy oil of what has gone into actually making that oil.  I for one was pretty amazed when I started in this job all of the work and money that is spent on creating just one engine oil product.  The detailed specifics of all the testing is staggering.  It is tested for shearing and foaming and cold crank to name just a few.

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Before changing careers 13 years ago the only other field I had ever work in was Industrial Lighting.  Changing careers was very difficult for me.  I had only known what is was like to work in the lighting industry, so leaving that to go to something completely different was a challenge.  The career change was necessary though, because I had started to experience a great deal of burnout with what I was doing.  I was a project manager for large industrial lighting projects.  It was my job to coordinate the ordering and delivery of all lighting needed for office buildings, schools and other large projects such as MLB stadiums.  It was also my job to handle any post-delivery issues between the general contractors and the factories where the lighting was ordered.  This was often stressful as just one project could require the ordering of hundreds of lighting fixtures from a variety of different lighting manufactures.  This meant I would have to coordinate lead-times to make sure that all the products would arrive onsite in time for installation before the specific inspections or building openings.  I was good at what I did, but I was not happy anymore doing it ,so it was time for a change.
My current job I got by chance.  Although I had to interview for it, it still sort of fell in my lap and I am very fortunate that it did.  I was always so afraid to leave the lighting industry because I didn’t think I would be smart enough to do anything else.  Making the leap from lighting to engine oil made me realize that I was capable of doing much more then I gave myself credit for.  Although change is still scary to me, I am learning that sometimes change is necessary and it often turns out much better then expected.

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