My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 40

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 40
8. What do you do instead of the project you’re avoiding?

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I do have one standard thing that I default to when I’m trying to avoid working on a project or task.  Most of my procrastinating tends to happen at work.  When I am home, I feel like when there is something that needs to be done, I just do it (which is why I never really sit still for very long).  Work however is a different story.

Whenever I am faced with a task at work that I find challenging, I tend to try and avoid it for as long as possible.  Instead of just facing it head on and getting it completed, I dwell on it and will do other things to try and steer clear of it until the bitter end.  One of my main “go-to” distractions that I use to avoid projects at work would be YouTube videos (I’m so ashamed).  I am always rather late at getting into the popular things, so I only began watching YouTube videos about a year ago. It was when I was getting ready for my trip to Paris.  I watched every single video I could find related to traveling in Paris and  videos that provided tips and tricks on being a Paris tourist.  I had never really done much on YouTube prior to that.  When I returned from my trip, I no longer needed to watch traveling videos, so I didn’t actually return to the YouTube world until months later when we started looking into eating KETO.  It was at that time I became officially addicted to YouTube.  I found so many YouTube channels on KETO.  Things like a day of eating KETO, KETO food grocery hauls and KETO tips for beginners.  It wasn’t to much longer after that when I got heavily invested in managing my money better and paying off bills.  So I became obsessed with finding YouTube channels about peoples debt free journeys.  This lead into frugal living to help save money, which then lead into minimalism videos. It was about this same time that I became very interested in the “Project Life” scrapbooking idea, so I started searching for videos on that as well.   It was like an obsessive never-ending search for more and more information on so many different topics!  I started subscribing to so many channels that there is just no way to keep up with all the new contented that gets posted daily/weekly/monthly.  So, I guess it’s no secret then that when I am feeling the need to be distracted at work and I want to avoid doing something other then what I should be doing, I turn to YouTube.  Although I could watch videos for hours on end, I am at work, so I do refrain from going over board.  Most of the time.  😉

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What are some things that you do to put off that task you are dreading?  Or am I the only procrastinator out here?  🙂

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