My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 25

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 25
147. Do you do anything to help the needy?

We do what we can to help those less fortunate.  It may not necessarily be help in a monetary since, but I help in what ways I can.  Due to our large amount of debt, there are sometimes months I struggle to pay everything that needs to be paid just to keep the lights on and food in our refrigerator.  So, the thought of giving away money during those times when we are struggling to just make it pay-check to pay-check is not sensible.  So we have other ways that we try and help.

Once a year my employer has what they call “week of caring”.  All employees are encouraged to participate in an activity either with a group or on your own with a local organization in need of volunteers.  The group I work with will all sit down and agree on one organization and we all go together to volunteer with that organization and provide whatever services they need.  We’ve provided help with landscaping and clean up to public areas, we’ve painted buildings at shelters and have bagged food at foodbanks to be given to those in need. We’ve also cleared out and rebuilt a playground in a low income neighborhood for the children in the area.   I guess when you cannot give financially, you can always give your time.  Sometimes I think that can be more even more valuable then cash.

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One way to do help out those in need is that we donate all of our used clothing to the local shelter.  We used to take our items to someplace like the Goodwill, however, I went inside a Goodwill many years ago and was shocked at how much they charge for things.  This is supposed to be a place where people with low-incomes can go and get clothes at a reasonable cost.  All of the items for sell have been donated for FREE, yet the prices for jeans and shirts were much to high.  We decided at that time that we would only take our items to the local shelter where we know they will be given away for free to those that that need them.

I will be transparent and say that one way in which I do NOT help the needy is to give to those that are asking for money on the streets.  In the area we live, there are people EVERYWHERE with signs asking for money for one reason or another.  Even if I gave $1.00 to every person that asks, I would be broke in a month.  There are people asking for money at many of the stop lights, at the bottom of freeway offramps and even out in front of grocery stores.  I guess after a while you just become desensitized to it all.  That’s a sad statement, but it’s reality.  Instead of feeling bad, you just start to feel annoyed.  It is hard being asked for money 5-6 times a day by various people.  I know that sounds insensitive and I agree.. but a dollar here and a dollar there really starts to add up and eventually it just gets out of hand.

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