My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 23

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 23
48. Do you have reoccurring dreams? What are they about?

I used to have one reoccurring dream when I was younger.  It hasn’t returned in many years, but I used to repeatedly dream that I was going to school and didn’t know my locker combination to get my books and I didn’t know where the classrooms were. In the dream, I was in a panic the whole time trying to figure out how to get the combination to the locker and then try and figure out what class I was supposed to be in.  Once I did find the class, I was always late and never had homework prepared.  The strangest part is that I would dream this well past when I graduated and was no longer in school, so it clearly wasn’t “school” specific.  I’m sure there is some dream book out there that probably would analyze this to mean something…  but I never really investigated it.

Although it is not a reoccurring dream, I do suffer from frequent nightmares, even now as an adult.  My husband has to wake me up at least once a week because I am either trying to scream (in my dream I am trying to scream, but nothing is coming out.. so I can imagine that is what I am trying to really do), or I am crying in my sleep.  I’ve had more nightmares as an adult then I ever remember having as a child.  The dreams are very random.  It could be anything from my cat(s) being sick or lost to having someone chasing me.  I have that one rather often.  Almost like a horror movie scenario where someone is after me and I’m trying to hide in places where I hope that I won’t be found.  I am always found and that is when I try and scream, but that is where the dreams always end (usually because by this time my husband is waking me up).

The best dreams are those totally random ones that make zero sense.  The ones where it has people that you know but no one is who they are supposed to be or doing what they are supposed to be doing.  The ones that have no rhyme or reason to them and you wake up thinking… “What the heck was that about?”….

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