My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 16

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 16
442. Did you have a favorite subject in school?
Ones you dreaded?

I loved school.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I loved every class I took, but I was one of those crazy people that never minded going to school and was actually sad when it was ending.  I feel like I have an old soul, because at high school graduation, I had this immense sadness that the “easy” life was now behind me and it was time to start out in the real world.  Even back then at the age of 18, I already knew life was going to be tough and I was already missing my days of high school leisure.  Don’t get me wrong, I worked throughout all of my high school years and even before that, so “leisure” is probably not the right word.  But comparably speaking, my high school years were definitely some of the easiest.

My favorite subjects in my middle school and high school days were History and English.  I was never one that took any type of advance classes, so most of my classes were fairly easy.  I took all the basic stuff.. only what was needed to graduate.  I knew I would be going to work right out of high school, so no need to stress myself out with hard courses.  I just wanted to enjoy the time while I could.

English because I have always enjoyed reading and writing.  I didn’t always have the easiest time writing when it was on subjects that I was not particularly interested in, but writing always came rather easy to me (maybe not the best writing and definitely not the best spelling… this was days when you actually hand wrote your papers.. you know, before spell check!), but the words usually came pretty easy nonetheless.  I clearly remember I used to have one of those composition note book that I used to write stories in.  I used to write about teenage life and the dream life I wished I had.  I would use characters to emulate what I always wished I could be.  A wealthy, outgoing teenage girl who drove the best car, wear the best cloths and dated the hottest guy.  I clearly watched way to many 80’s teen movies like “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty in Pink”!  Thinking back it makes me laugh now, but I guess in a way, that’s what writing has always been about for me.  A way to escape the reality, even if for just a brief moment.  Anyway, I used to write in that composition book all day during my classes and then I would give it to my best friend at the end of the day for her to read.  Oh… what simple times those were.


History was another one of my favorite subjects.  I was not into politics or memorizing dates of historical events.  I was however, incredibly interested in what I refer to as “practical” history.  I found (and still find) it fascinating to learn about the day-to-day lives of people from different eras of history.  Did anyone every have colonial day when they were in school?  You know, where you wore the “Little House on the Prairie” cloths and make candles and baked bread?   I LOVED THOSE DAYS!  I have always been super interested in the colonial period and the depression era.
One of my dream vacations is to go to Williamsburg, Virginia.  It is all set up in the Colonia period and have people dressed in period costumes living the life just like back in the day.  I think I’ve talked my husband into finally going in 2020.  Fingers crossed!


As for subjects I dreaded?  MATH!  Always and forever will be math.  Whether in middle school, high school or college, math has always been a struggle.  The fact that I made it through all of the college algebra classes I needed to graduate was a total miracle.

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