My Story: 365 day blog challenge Day 9

365 Day Blog Post Challenge 2019
Day 9
7. What thoughts come to you as you’re procrastinating?

Procrastinate?  Me?  Never!  Well, okay, maybe that’s not entirely true.

I would say the times I have the biggest procrastinating issues are at work.  There are often tasks that I either don’t want to do or worse, that I don’t really understand how to do.  When I don’t understand something, I’m not one of those people that thrives off of  doing the investigation to figure it out.  Instead, I tend to just put off doing it for as long as possible.  90% of the time it ends up being way less difficult then I built it up in my head to be, but non-the-less, I will still procrastinate until I absolutely have no other options but to work on it.

Besides work, there are times in my everyday life when I procrastinate simply because I’m tired and just don’t feel I have the energy to accomplish anything.  I think I’m harder on myself with this type of procrastination because there is always so much to be done that I should always be trying to check things off my “to do” list.

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I’m one that always has grand intentions.  I am constantly making lists of things I need to do or want to do.  I have lists in my purse, lists laying around the house, lists at work.  I have lists of errands that need to be run, lists of projects I want/need to work on, grocery lists, food plan lists, budget lists, travel plan lists…  you name it, I have a list for it.  Which in all honesty can be a little overwhelming sometimes (I know that sounds silly since I am the one doing this to myself by creating all of these lists).  I will say that I am usually pretty good at working on things that need to be done, but there are those time when I just don’t want to adult. There are those days when I just want to sit and veg out in front of the TV.  These are the times that the guilt of procrastination bug me the most.  When I’m sitting trying to slow my mind and relax, all I can do is think of everything on all of those lists that I should be working on.  So procrastination merely builds stress about what I am not doing that I should be doing.  Hence the reason I don’t often procrastinate and the reason why I am always jumping up and doing one thing or another at all times.  It drives my husband crazy that I can never just sit and make it through a TV show or a movie because I am getting up every 15 minutes doing something.  This is a little OCD, but that’s pretty much my personality.  My brain never really stops thinking of everything around me, so even when we are sitting trying to relax, my brain is going over everything that needs to be done.  Instead of procrastinating, I feel better if I just jump up and do it.  This even happens to me early in the mornings on the weekends.  I wake up at 3:30am on work days, so my body is just accustomed to being up before the sun.  So even on the weekends, I end up waking up very early.  I try so hard to just lay there and make myself go back to sleep.  After about 30 minutes of laying there, I just get to anxious and need to get up and start doing things.

The best reason for not procrastinating?  It’s the thrill of crossing things off the “to do” list.  The thrill is real!

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