Minimalist 30 day Challenge in Progress

One of my 2019 goals was to try and embrace a more minimalist mindset.  I have always been one that has had a great deal of “stuff”.  However, I am at a point in my life where I just don’t feel I need or even want all of these none necessary items cluttering up my space.  Part of the minimalist way of thinking is to simplify life down to the essentials.  I cannot honestly say I will ever get that devoted to the minimalist lifestyle, but as you can see from the pictures above (which were extremely embarrassing to include by the way), it would definitely benefit me to have a little decluttering happen in my life.

As a way to get me motivated into the decluttering process, I decided to take the 30 day minimalist challenge.  This is where you start on day 1 and eliminate 1 item from your clutter.  Day 2, you eliminate 2 items, and so on and so on until you reach day 30 where you eliminate 30 items!  This will be a grand total of 465 items purged from my physical space, ultimately helping to simplify life.

I am in the midst of the challenge now and wanted to take a few minutes to give an update of where I am at and what types of things I am eliminating from my space.
I will say that it took me about a week into the challenge to sort of figure out what I was doing.  I started by randomly picking various things from various rooms of the house.  That sort of got a little overwhelming, so I found it better for me to just simply pick a room and work on that one specific space.  I decided to focus on my spare “junk” room.  You know, that room were everything you have no space for anywhere else in the house ends up.  As is clear from the pictures, this room is in desperate need of decluttering.


*Day 1-15

Day 1: Old pair of stretched out socks
Day 2: An empty box I was holding on to (not sure why) and an unsharpened pair of nail
Day 3: 3 cardboard boxes I was saving to “maybe” use in the future to ship things
(which is silly since I get boxes all the time.. no need to have them around taking
up space)
Day 4: 4 old makeup items
Day 5: A random plastic handle that has been in the bathroom for about a year (not even
sure what it goes to), 1 old vase, 1 unused makeup brush, 3 unused makeup
Day 6: 2 pairs of old sweats, 1 plastic couch cover, 1 pair of stretched out socks, 1 tablet
cover I never used, 1 wooden serving tray (with random out of date food items)
Day 7: 1 plastic popcorn container, 1 broken air freshener, 6 random makeup/toiletry
Day 8: 8 old tank tops
Day 9: 9 pairs of socks
Day 10: 9 misc. old makeup items, 1 costume jewelry necklace
Day 11: 11 old/expired cat medications and random cat related items
Day 12: 12 costume jewelry bracelets
Day 13: 13 costume jewelry necklaces
Day 14: 14 random costume jewelry items
Day 15: Random household items (old lotions, makeup items, etc.)


I thought as the challenge progressed to the days were I had to start getting rid of 15, 16, 17 items a day would be difficult, but on the contrary, it has been a breeze.  As the challenge goes on, I’m finding myself returning to items that in the beginning of the 30 days I thought I wanted to keep, but now realize that I don’t really want them.  If the item does not bring value to my life in someway, it’s out of here!

Now… on to the 2nd half of the challenge.  I’m excited to see what 30 items I purge on the last day.  I am also eager to post some before and after shots of the room I am working on!  Maybe after I see the before and after photos, I will be motivated to start another 30 challenge.  I definitely have enough stuff to justify it.  🙂

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