Weight Loss in Progress

Let’s face it…. for most, losing weight is a challenge.  Myself included.  I guess I can say that I was fortunate in a way, because I did not start experiencing weight issues until I was in my mid-twenties.  It was at that time that I became very sick.  After almost 6 months of doctors not being able to diagnose what was happening, I FINALLY found a specialist that tested me for Ulcerative Colitis.  BINGO!!  That was what it was.   For the 6 months prior to being diagnosed, I was pretty much on a liquid diet. Eating any type of solid food was just painful and not worth it.  So to have a diagnoses and to know that that I was finally going to get some relief from the pain and discomfort was amazing news (even if it meant having a chronic intestinal disease that I would have to deal with the rest of my life).  By this time, the U.C. was so sever that they had to put me on large doses of medication.  I was taking 20 Prednisone (steroids) a day, as well as 15 Sulfasalazine pills.  After just a few days, I was finally feeling like I could tolerate food again.  And boy, did I tolerate it.  After 6 months of broth and Jello, I shoveled food in my mouth as fast as my hand could get it there.   I gained 20 pounds in less then 2 months.  Between the weight gain associated with the medication, and my overeating, I spiraled from 115 to 135 quickly.  For years my weight just continued to climb and at one point in time, I topped out at 180 pounds.

For years, I tried just about every diet and exercise fade I could get my hands on to try and lose the weight.  When my husband and I got together back in 2003 I was down to 150 pounds.  You know how that goes….. happiness overcame desire to watch the weight and for the next 14 years, both my husband and I would gain and lose and gain and lose together.  Together we tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and various other “eating” plans with no real results.  A few pound lose here and there, but that was it.  We married last year and prior to that, decided to get a personal trainer to do X-FIT.  We worked hard.  Yet had little movement on the scale.  We definitely were gaining stamina and noticed some small body changes, but frustration really set in when we would be working out 4 or more times a week with the personal trainer (spending a great deal of money, not to mention effort), only to drop just a few pounds.

Which leads us to where we are at today.  In August we decided to start eating Keto (Lazy Keto to be accurate).  Within just a month of eating a Keto diet, we both experienced more weight loss then we had in the months of working out hard and cutting our eating significantly.  Understanding that the first month or so is mostly water loss, we have stuck with it and are so happy with our progress.  We just completed week 12 and I am down 17 pounds and Don is down 15.  Above is a picture that was taken of us back in April.  To the right is a picture of us from this past weekend.  I am finally starting to physically see a difference in the roundness of my face.  I have also dropped a pant size which is very exciting.  It is so motivating when you see results and the Keto way of eating is doing it for us.  Not to mention the fact that you get to eat all sorts of wonderful food.  Keto is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb way of eating, so I get to eat things like butter, meat, cheese, heavy cream and eggs.  We are trying to focus our minds on what we CAN have, verse what we CAN’T have, which has helped.  Changing our way of eating has also allowed me to try new recipes, which I love doing.  We have found so many things that we really enjoy to replace things that we can’t have.  Of course, it’s not all perfect.  I will discuss what we have found to the be the PROs and the CONs of Keto in a future blog.  For now, I am just going to enjoy eating my bacon and eggs with avocado for breakfast!  🙂




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