Love is in the Air

20180428_200534I love weddings. Maybe that is why I’ve had so many of my own.  🙂  All joking aside, weddings are great.  The love, the starting of new lives joining together, the dancing and of course cake! We were fortunate enough to get to be guests at two fabulous weddings  recently.  Both very sweet and beautiful.

I have always been a sucker for love and romance.  I was once told by someone that romance is not real and it is only something made up by books and the movie industry.  This individual said that romance is not part of real life and that fairytales and happily- every-after are what give people the wrong idea about what real life is all about.  I have to disagree with that.  I think that for some, it does take time to find that one person that is our true life partner, but once we find them, it can be life changing.  I for one have been through my share of relationships that did not work.  Luckily I did not give up on love and ended up finding that one person that I cannot imagine living my life without. As for romance, I do believe in romance.  For me, romance is not necessarily expensive grand gestures.  For me romance is something as small as knowing that he is thinking about me when I’m not with him and does something like stop on his way home from work to get food so I don’t have to cook dinner, or run that one little errand so that I don’t have to worry about doing it.  To me that is romance. I believe that romance is all relative.  For some people, maybe they do need expensive gifts.  For others like me, it is more having someone take the time to take care of me in some way.  I tend to be the “caregiver” in the relationship and try and take on the majority of the responsibilities.  So those times when someone else takes control and I can try and quiet my mind for a short time are truly amazing.  That is love and that is what keeps me connected.  That is what I consider romantic.

Although weddings come in all sizes, they all have the same intent.  To join lives with that one person you want to give your heart to.  That one person you hope to grow old with.  It’s really not about the fancy dresses or the expenses catering.  It’s about wanting to share with others how much we really love another person.

No matter how many beautiful weddings we attend over the years, my favorite wedding of all time will always be the day I married this man…..

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