Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel


I’ve already spent a good deal of time discussing the Boysenberry Festival, so I thought I would now spend a little time sharing our experiences at both the Knott’s park and our stay the KBF hotel.

I personally really enjoyed KBF.  Granted, I’m a sucker for wild west themes.  I love visiting all the old western ghost towns, so KBF is pretty much right up my alley.  Here you can ride the old mining train ride, be part of a train robbery and ride a stage coach.  For those wanting a little more action and adventure, they do have several of the larger-modern day rollercoasters as well.  Don and I were both very impressed by the Snoopy kid area.  There had to have been at least 15 rides for the smaller kids.  Definitely enough to keep the little ones entertained.  Spending such a significant amount of time at Disneyland, I’ve begun to be spoiled by the whole Disney experience.  I must say that the folks at Knott’s sure give Disney a run for their money (at least for our 1-day experience there).  Several times we experienced service that was above and beyond by the KBF employees.  One time in particular we were standing studying the park map (we are not regulars there, so I do not know my way around like I do at Disneyland), trying to find a specific area.  One of the workers walked up to us and asked if we needed help and guided us to where we were trying to get.  Definitely 5 thumbs up for that.  We were also pretty impressed with the merchandise pricing.  For instance, the boysenberry festival shirts we bought (which also came with a limited edition pin) were less than $15.00.  I’m sure everyone will agree that you cannot find clothing items at most amusement parks for less than $15.00.  Especially “special event” merchandise.

As for the KBF hotel. Overall, our experience was good.  The hotel is older and the rooms slightly outdated, which is not a big deal for us.  What is important is cleanliness, which the room was.  We opted to get the smallest room (just one queen bed), so the room was small but perfect for just the two of us.  I like to use the word “cozy” rather than small.  Bonus was that from our room to the park entrance was about a 5 minute walk (we love when we can just park the car and not have to drive). We purchased a package, which included the room for two nights, breakfast buffet both mornings, tickets into the park for one day, as well as a boysenberry festival food tasting card.  The price was great and so convenient to have everything included.  We are not normally breakfast people, so this was kind of a treat to get up and have breakfast each morning.  Our normal breakfast on vacations is a granola bar!  The breakfast buffet was very good with lots of options. Oh, and did I mention Snoopy walks around to say hello to everyone while you eat?  So, if asked, I would recommend the KBF hotel for sure.  The mere convince of location is worth the price.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm unless you eat some of the famous fried chicken.  The amount of food is generous to say the least.  We shared a 2 piece chicken lunch meal and it was way more than enough for the two of us.  Between the warm biscuits and chicken noodle soup for a starter, then the chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy with corn, we were both more than satisfied with our portions.

Stocking up on your boysenberry essentials while you are there is a must.  After all, Knott’s is the home of the boysenberry.  If you are a boysenberry fan like me, you will have a hard time picking just a few things.  Here is my loot from our trip.  I would have gotten more, but Don convinced me to save something for our next trip.  So next time I will try the boysenberry bbq sauce, boysenberry dressing and boysenberry butter!!IMG_4687

I’m adding these photos just for fun.  Sometimes Don thinks he is so funny.


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