Road Tripping

They say the journey is more important than the destination. I guess in someways that can be true. Road trips are a great way to reconnect. After the week we have had, I think this particular road trip is especially important. To say the week has been an emotional one is an understatement. We need this escape…. And what better escape then a trip south to go to the boysenberry festival. I am looking forward to rest, relaxing and eating lots of super yummy boysenberry food.

When we take road trips, Don always insists on leaving in the middle of the night. Okay… Maybe I exaggerate, but we always leave super early. It has its perks. We miss a lot of the traffic and get to our destination early. However, I still think sleep is a nice thing, so I have mixed feelings on the subject.

The 6 hour drive was rather uneventful. Once we hit highway 5, we played the game of “dodge the pothole” for the majority of the trip. What at first was rather annoying became sort of humorous after a few hours. My yelling out “there’s one..swerve left”.

Don was very sweet and bought me some lottery scratchers to keep me entertained (for 5 minutes). Won $6.00…. Don spent $20.00. I keep telling him to stop buying them for me. I never win!!


We did get to see some beautiful skies as we were driving into L.A. Such pretty clouds. Made me think of my mom.


Now the day has come to and end. Time for some rest so we can be up and ready for our day at the boysenberry festival in the morning. I cannot wait to try all of the amazing food. This is just a small example of the boysenberry inspired food we will be tasting tomorrow.IMG_4559

As I sit and watch the sunset from the hotel window, it’s hard to not think of DJ and how much I miss him. I feel horrible that we left Chrissy for the weekend. I can tell she is in mourning too. My consolation is that my Mom and Dad are taking care of her, so I know she is in good hands.IMG_4565

2 thoughts on “Road Tripping

  1. That sounds like a nice day. I love that you and Don do day and weekend trips with each other. Enjoy the festival tomorrow. Love the pictures!
    I saw your Paris countdown below! Can’t believe you leave in 69 days!

    1. I know!!! It’s coming so fast. We need to get together and figure out our itinerary. I’m excited but as the day gets closer I’m also getting more nervous and scared.

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