Why a Blog? Why Now?

Hello All!  I am so excited to began my first blog.

I have always been a big fan of journaling and also an obsessive photographer.  This blog seemed to be a creative way of joining these two hobbies into one.  I have done several personal journals, but I wanted to have an outlet where I could share my thoughts and experiences with others.

I decided to finally give blogging  a try because this is going to be a very active year for me.  I have some pretty amazing adventures coming up soon, so I hope you join me on this crazy ride. I am more than certain there will much comedy, good times and some life contemplation along the way.

**Keep an eye out for my posts coming in May and June when I will be spending 4 weeks in France for a work assignment.  I will be taking my first international trip and to top it off, I will be going alone (except for a week visit from my fabulous cousin – where we will be running around like American Tourists in Paris).  This is going to be especially entertaining as I do not speak any French, so I will let everyone join in on all my embarrassing and awkward moments that are assured to transpire.


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